Arthritic joints experience a great deal of pain and swelling, which can adversely affect your senior’s ability to do most of the things that she loves. But with some help from you and from elder care services, arthritis doesn’t have to keep your senior down.


Homecare in Redford MI: Help with Arthritis

Homecare in Redford MI: Help with Arthritis


Normal Daily Activities Are Difficult

With arthritis, normal daily activities become that much more difficult. Your senior might not be able to do simple things, like picking up something that she needs to use. More complicated tasks, like working the fasteners on her clothing, can be absolutely impossible. Having someone else around who can assist with these tasks as they crop up can be essential.


Healthy Meals Make a Difference

The right nutrients help with all sorts of health issues, including arthritis. The problem is, though, that cooking, shopping, and cleaning up are all much more difficult for someone with painful joints from arthritis. Elderly care providers can take these tasks over, making sure that your aging adult has plenty of healthy food choices that are easy for her to access her schedule.


Driving Might Be Difficult

Along with all the other normal activities of daily living, driving can become a difficult task. Your senior might not have the grip strength that she needs to handle the steering wheel, and arthritis in other parts of her body might be unable to bend and push like they need to. So, pressing the pedals and turning to look behind her can all feel impossible. That doesn’t mean that your senior has to be stuck at home, especially if she’s got home care providers who can do the driving.


Fall Prevention Is Crucial

Arthritis can make your elderly family member feel a little more fragile and that in turn can cause her to be more cautious with her movements. Learning as much as you can about falls and the elderly and preventing falls is absolutely critical. People who fall are twice as likely to fall again and that can have devastating repercussions for your elderly family member. Senior care providers can help you to determine what in her home might cause your senior to experience a fall.

Your senior might find that a significant portion of her life is impacted by arthritis, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have the quality of life that she wants and deserves. Help from elderly care providers and from you can mean that she’s able to do all that she wants to do.


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