Improving the Quality of Life for a Senior With Disabilities

As a senior gets older they may develop disabilities that they don’t wish to admit, but it is something that can make aging in place much harder than it needs to be. You may want to help your loved one and the truth is they will need more help around the house and even just with their lifestyle. But how can you improve the quality of life for those with a disability? You don’t want to take control or make them feel like they have no freedom. When you turn to home care services you are ensuring your parents don’t feel like a burden and they may feel more comfortable when asking for help.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and things you can do to help your loved one live a higher quality life even if they are suffering from a disability.

Hire In-Home Care

Home Care Redford MI - Improving the Quality of Life for a Senior With Disabilities

Home Care Redford MI – Improving the Quality of Life for a Senior With Disabilities

You may want to help your elderly mom or dad but often a senior wants outside help. Often, adult children want to help their parents but a senior may not be as open to their adult children or they may feel uncomfortable asking for certain things. Home care may be the best solution especially if your loved one needs help showering, dressing, or eating. A senior may be more comfortable asking a professional for help and this means their quality of life is higher when those needs are met, especially if a senior has not been asking for help with those needs.

Modify Their Home

If your senior develops a disability things are going to change and the home needs to reflect that. Your loved one may need different door frames especially if they start using walkers or wheelchairs, the bedrooms and rooms may need to change to make movement easier, and even things like toilets may need to be adjusted. As your loved one ages in place it is important to go through their house and figure out what needs to change to make living at home easier. Things will always need to be updated and changed but if a senior is living alone with a disability these things may not get done making the living arrangement unsuitable for them. If they wish to age in place, their home will need to reflect that.

Find Reliable Transportation

As your loved one becomes older even if they are not struggling with a disability there is going to come a moment when they need to hang up their keys. This is a big day and it can be heartbreaking for them. This is usually one of the last things people give up because driving means they are still in control. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to transportation. Your senior loved one can age in place, have a disability, and still have the freedom they seek. You need to look into transportation options, and this is something that home care may be able to help with. Many services can also be set up for your elderly loved one so it’s important to look into all options. Finding the right services and methods of transportation is a major way to boost a senior’s quality of life.

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