Respite and Hospice Care

Respite Care

Many family caregivers take pride in the care they provide to their loved ones and it’s simply a part of daily life. But the physical, mental and emotional demands of caring for a family member can be overwhelming at times. Care giving is a difficult job and very few people are equipped to do it alone. Getting help is essential for your health and maintaining your resilience is critical for your loved one.

Respite care provides breaks from the daily routine of care giving. It can relieve stress, restore energy and promote the necessary balance in your life.  Whether it’s for a few hours or that well-deserved vacation, you can count on No Place Like Home Health to provide the support and relief you need.

No Place Like Home Health offers a free in-home evaluation to discuss the type and length of respite care needed, and a plan of service will be developed. Our professional caregivers can stay with your loved one for a few hours, a day, a week, or longer as needed.  Identifying a person’s requirements, preferences and interest is also part of the evaluation to create the right match.

Hospice Care

At No Place Like Home Health, we believe everyone deserves extraordinary care that makes them feel loved and valued. This care is especially poignant during a person’s final days.  We understand that losing a loved one is especially hard and it’s important your family member is comfortable at the end.

Our caregivers work hand in hand with local area Hospice providers so your loved ones receive the continuity of care they deserve. Our staff ensures your loved ones feel comfortable and receives dignified care – every step of the way, by providing the utmost bedside care. Ask us how we can help.

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