How Can You Help your Parent Cope with Speech Problems?

Speech problems such as a voice that is softer or speaking that is harder to understand are common issues among those with Parkinson’s disease. In fact, these voice and speech problems are often some of the earliest symptoms or difficulties those living with this disease.


Home Care Services in Livonia MI: Speech Problems With Parkinson's

Home Care Services in Livonia MI: Speech Problems With Parkinson’s


For a senior dealing with this problem, not feeling as though they are able to communicate effectively can lead to depression, anxiety, and other challenges as they progress through the disease. As their family caregiver, you may also find these challenges frustrating and upsetting. This makes it important for you to not only identify when your parent is struggling with these issues but to take steps to help them cope with them.


Some ways you can help your parent cope with speech problems include:

-Talk to their doctor about treatments available for various speech and voice issues. Treatments and therapies are available that can help your parent improve their voice control, and speak with greater confidence.

-Encourage your parent to use their voice more often. They might be compelled to stop speaking, but this may make the situation worse. Instead, encourage them to sing, read out loud to themselves, recite poetry, or have conversations every day.

-Encourage your senior to drink plenty of water.

-Help your parent find and use adaptive devices such as a small microphone they can wear on their shirt, or an amplifier for their phone.

-Don’t rush your parent when they are trying to talk, or show your frustration. This can make them feel more anxious, which can worsen the issue.

-When having conversations with your parent, try to find locations without background noise or distractions that can make it harder for your parent to be understood, and maintain eye contact with them while they are talking.


Companionship is one of the most valuable services and elder care provider can offer to your aging parent as they age in place. Particularly if your senior is dealing with challenges such as speech problems, having the emotional support and companionship of an elderly home care services provider can be invaluable for supporting their mental and emotional health and well-being.

This is only one of the wide variety of highly personalized services available to your aging parent as they age in place. These services are specifically tailored to your aging parent as an individual, meaning they will be able to manage all of their challenges and issues in the ways that are right for them, enabling them to pursue a lifestyle that is healthy, safe, independent, and fulfilling.


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