Emphysema occurs when the air sacs within the lungs are injured and cannot supply the rest of the body with enough oxygen. Someone with emphysema struggles to catch his breath. It’s hard to exercise and a constant cough is common. He may struggle with some level of mental acuity. He may also notice his fingernails develop a bluish-gray tinge when he is more active than usual.


Elderly Care in Novi MI: Emphysema

Elderly Care in Novi MI: Emphysema


The elderly care services your dad needs depends on the severity of the disease. If he’s a smoker, he needs to stop smoking. He may need someone at home to support him as he quits. He also needs to be monitored for complications of emphysema like a collapsed lung, holes in the lungs, or heart issues.


Medication Reminders

Your dad may need to use antibiotics if he develops bronchitis or pneumonia. He won’t always need these, but his doctor will prescribe them if he does develop a bacterial infection. His body is already struggling to get enough oxygen. He can’t ignore an infection in the lungs.

Corticosteroids and bronchodilators help with some of the common symptoms of emphysema. Steroids received via an inhaler can help ease inflammation and aid with shortness of breath. Bronchodilators also help with shortness of breath, but they also reduce coughing spells.

Medication reminders are beneficial if your dad is having issues remembering to do things. If he often forgets if he’s taken his medications, caregivers offering medication reminders should be one of the first home care services you arrange.


Lose or Gain Weight

If your dad is overweight, he will be advised to lose weight. This is more likely in the earlier stages of emphysema. If he’s lost weight and is in a more advanced stage of emphysema, he needs to add calories to his diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Elder care services help with meal preparation and nutrition. A caregiver can cook meals for your dad, sit down and make sure he eats, and chat with him while he’s eating. Studies show that seniors who have company over during a meal are more likely to eat a full meal and have a healthier appetite.


If emphysema is diagnosed, talk to an elder care agency as soon as you can. Talk about the services that are available and will benefit your dad. He may need help with housework due to the shortness of breath or simply not want to be alone all day. An elder care agency will set him up with the services that make him feel comfortable and remain independent in his home.

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