What to Do When Your Senior Is Unhappy

The well-being of aged persons is a common concern for many families. But the decision of what to do about it, however, is never easy.

If your elderly parent is unhappy, you will need to take action to get them back on the right track. Here are some tips that will help you help your parent with their problem.

Understand Why They Are Unhappy

Companion Care in Canton, MI: Seniors and Being Unhappy

First, you need to understand why your parent is unhappy.

Ask yourself:

Is your parent unhappy because of a lack of physical health, financial problems, a lack of belonging or emotional distress?

The answer will help you to focus on specific areas where you can help your parent.

For example, if your parent feels isolated, you can ask a caregiver from a companion care at home agency to come and visit them, and encourage them to be social with their friends. If your parent feels financially insecure, you may want to look at ways to provide some financial support.

Common Causes Of Unhappiness In Seniors

The following are some common causes of unhappiness in seniors:

  • -Death of a loved one
  • -Divorce
  • -Physical pain
  • -Mental illness
  • -Loss of independence
  • -Changes in life or lifestyle, such as retirement
  • -Fear of getting older/dying
  • -Financial Problems
  • Consider That They Might Be Experiencing Depression

If you think that your parent is depressed, you should consult with a family doctor who may prescribe medication. If you think that your parent is suffering from emotional distress, you may want to talk to a psychiatrist.

Depression can either be clinical or situational. Situational depression is temporary and directly related to life events, such as divorce or the death of a partner. Clinical depression is more serious and is an ongoing, lasting depression independent of situations. Talk to a medical professional and get their advice on what kind of depression you think your senior is experiencing.

How To Help Your Senior

After you figure out what is disturbing your senior, then it is time to help them fix the problem causing their unhappiness. Are they sad at the death of a loved one? Try talking to them, or encourage them to get counseling. Do they have physical pain? Go help them see a medical professional. Do they need companionship? Spend time with them or consider a service like companion care at home. As intractable as some of these issues seem, working with your senior can yield surprisingly positive results as long as there is an open line of communication and mutual respect.

Conclusion- What to Do When Your Senior Is Unhappy

The well-being of your parent is important to you. You may need to take some time to sort things out and to think about how you can best help your parent. In situations where your senior is unhappy, companion care at home can help,

Companion care at home is a service offered by agencies that help with the caretaking and daily activities that a senior needs. Some examples might be shopping for groceries, driving to doctor’s appointments, or cleaning up around the house. It can help take the burden of care off of the family and ensure that you are spending quality time with your senior.

If you are interested in learning more about companion care at home, call us today and see your options!

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