What Does Daily Diabetes Care Consist of for Your Senior?

Home health care providers can do a lot for your senior after she’s been diagnosed with diabetes. Managing a serious health issue like diabetes can feel overwhelming, both for you and for your elderly family member. Knowing that she’s got the help that she needs is a huge relief.

Weight Management

Home Health Care Garden City, MI: Diabetes and Seniors

Having even a few extra pounds can make life more difficult for your senior if she’s battling diabetes. As long as her doctor agrees that moving more is okay for her to do, your elderly family member can try a variety of different activities to help manage her weight. Moving more can also help to lower her blood sugar levels.

Home Blood Sugar Testing

Keeping track of her blood sugar levels is essential for your senior to know what is helping them to stay in healthy ranges and what she’s doing that is working against her goals. It can be tough to get used to home testing, though, especially if your elderly family member has only recently been diagnosed. In-home diabetes care can make testing far easier for your senior.

Dietary Changes

It’s also possible that your elderly family member needs to modify her diet a bit. Relying on convenience foods and pre-packaged foods can make her blood sugar levels unpredictable. Understanding how her nutritional intake affects her blood sugar levels can help your elderly family member to make better choices when it comes to foods.

Sleep and Rest

Rest and sleep have a much bigger impact on her health than your senior may realize. If your elderly family member isn’t sleeping often or well, her blood sugar levels may be more erratic than she expects them to be. Following good sleep hygiene can help her to improve both how she feels and how her blood sugar levels look.

Wound Management

Another huge concern for many people with diabetes is that wounds can become a big problem. Your senior may find that even small wounds take a lot longer to heal. And if she’s experiencing a decrease in sensation, particularly in extremities, wounds can get out of hand quickly. In-home diabetes care can help your senior to stay on top of those concerns and hopefully help to prevent ulcerated wounds and even amputation.

Diabetes is a condition your senior can live well with, but it requires that she pays close attention to her care plan from her doctors. Having the help that she needs to stay on top of that plan is crucial.

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