Top Questions Children of Aging Parents Should Be Asking

Do you need to care for your aging parent? Are you worried they aren’t able to do certain tasks any longer? There are many questions that children of aging parents should be asking. If you can ask these questions, you can find out what type of care and how much care your elderly parent will need.

Can your parent take care of their own needs and wants?

Home Care Plymouth, MI: Questions for Aging Parents

This is a question that all children of aging parents should be asking. It is important to know whether your elderly parent can handle their own care. For example, if your parent can’t take care of their personal hygiene, they might need 24-hour home care providers to help with bathing and getting dressed. You should also look at your elderly parent’s house. If it is a mess, they may need senior care providers to help them clean.

Is your elderly parent having memory loss?

Unfortunately, memory loss is quite common for the elderly. Sometimes, it is due to dementia and other times it may be due to getting older. Either way, memory loss can be very frustrating for your elderly parent. If you recognize this issue in your parent, it might be a good idea to hire home care providers around-the-clock. While they may not be able to do anything to help reverse your parent’s memory loss, they can help your parent with the things they are forgetting to do.

Is your elderly parent safe in their house?

There are many elderly people who aren’t safe in their house. They may have a lot of clutter, a stove that gets too hot, cords on the floor, or stairs that they can no longer climb well. It is important to make sure your elderly parent is safe in their house. If you notice any safety issues, you should do your best to fix them. It may also help to have senior care providers stay with your elderly parent. They can help to ensure your parent is safe in their home.


These are just some of the many questions that children should be asking about their elderly parents. If you are concerned about your elderly parent, make sure you get the answers to these questions. Once you have the answers, if there are concerns, be sure to get your parent the 24-hour home care services they need. Do you think your parent needs more services? If so, don’t hesitate to ask the elderly care agency about the help you think your parent needs.

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