The Best Strategies to Use When Your Dad Doesn’t Listen

Family caregivers have their hands full. You’re preparing breakfast and reminding your parents to take their morning medications after getting up. After that, you help them get showered and dressed, join them for a walk, and do the housework.

Check His Hearing

Senior Care Redford, MI: Trouble Listening

Is your dad not listening, or is his hearing going? About 33 percent of all older adults have some level of hearing loss. After the age of 75, that percentage increases to around 50 percent. If he hasn’t had his hearing tested recently, it’s time to take him for a hearing test.

Have his doctor refer him to a specialist. He should undergo a test and make sure he can hear what people are saying. If he does have hearing loss, hearing aids may help him.

Do Things Without His Input

Do as much as you can without his input. He won’t listen to your questions about what he wants for dinner. Make something you know he likes. If he doesn’t want to give input, he’ll have to accept it when you make decisions without him.

Over time, he may realize the only way to get exactly what he wants is by listening and being honest about what he wants or doesn’t want. When he does speak up, thank him. Don’t turn it into an argument if you don’t like what he says.

Remind Him You’re There to Help

Remind your dad that you’re there to help. You want him to remain independent without taking chances with his safety. Encourage him to do as much as possible with minimal help and don’t take over if he’s taking a longer time than expected. Let him work at his pace, and he’s less likely to become frustrated.

Arrange Senior Care

Would your dad prefer to have a paid caregiver helping him with some tasks? He may be uncomfortable with you helping him. He’s okay if it’s something he’s hired to help out.

Maybe it’s time to talk to a senior care specialist about home care options. Your dad may be ignoring you because he has a hard time being parented by his adult child. He’s used to telling you what to do, not the other way around.

When you make the call, ask the senior care representative about the prices for the services your dad needs. While caregivers help him with some things, you can turn your attention to tasks that don’t involve his cooperation, such as laundry and housekeeping.

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