Six Signs of Possible Malnutrition in Seniors

Malnutrition in Seniors

Most people don’t think a lot about the food that they eat until they have to. If your senior has been lucky enough to skip major health problems that required her to think more about her diet, that might have caused her to get worse nutrition than she really needs. Nutritional counseling from home health care providers can help her to get back on track, but first you need to know what the signs are of possible malnutrition.

Changes in How Clothing or Jewelry Fit

Home Health Care Novi, MI: Malnutrition in Seniors

Home Health Care Novi, MI: Malnutrition in Seniors

When your elderly family member is malnourished, her body is likely to show that as weight loss. But it isn’t always obvious when someone is losing weight. One clue you can watch for is how your senior’s clothing, jewelry, and even dental appliances are fitting her. If any of these are starting to be noticeably looser, she may be losing weight due to malnutrition. 

Decreased Activity and Energy Levels

If you’re noticing that your elderly family member is sitting all day a lot more or is generally low on energy consistently, malnutrition can be the culprit. Her body needs fuel in order to keep her going, so when she’s not getting enough fuel, her body is going to conserve energy. You’ll see that as her being less active than she was.

No Interest in Favorite Foods

Sometimes when seniors are malnourished, they also have no interest in eating favorite foods or any foods at all. This change in appetite may be something that your elderly family member has been able to hide easily, especially if you don’t live with her. Watch for statements such as she “already ate” or that she’s “just not hungry” that could clue you in that she’s not experiencing hunger the way she used to.

Consistent Fatigue Even After Rest

After your elderly family member rests, she should feel as if she did indeed get some rest. If she’s feeling fatigued even after a night of sleep, she may not be getting the nutrients that her body needs in order to function properly. If your senior is constantly feeling tired or fatigued, there may be more going on. 

Mood Fluctuations

Another big indication that something else might be going on could be related to your senior’s moods. If she’s typically been fairly well regulated emotionally and now is more volatile, it could be that there are reasons for that related to nutrition. Improving her nutritional intake can help immensely. 

Wounds That Just Won’t Heal

Without the right nutritional building blocks, your senior’s body just is not able to heal even minor wounds the way that it used to. If you’re noticing that she’s got bruises or other minor wounds that seem to be taking a long time to heal, it might be a good idea to look more closely at what she’s eating and how often. Nutritional intake can make a huge difference in how well her body is able to heal.

Home health care providers can make it a lot easier for your elderly family member to get the nutrients every day that she needs to stay as healthy as possible.

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