Are Eggs Bad for Older Adults?

The information concerning eggs has been conflicting over the years. For years, eggs were reported to be bad for cholesterol levels. Then, the news started to change, and scientists began to indicate that eggs weren’t so bad. So, what’s the truth? A recent study sheds additional light on the healthiness of eggs. The news is good and could mean adding eggs back into your senior parent’s diet.


Senior Care in Redford MI: Benefits of Eggs

Senior Care in Redford MI: Benefits of Eggs


Eggs and Heart Health

This latest data included data from more than 177,000 people. It took place in Canada and was funded by a variety of government health agencies in Ontario. None of the funding came from the egg industry, which is important to note since it means the researchers had nothing to gain by skewing the results.

The researchers used data gathered during the course of three previous studies. The participants were from countries around the world, making the results of the study applicable to a wide variety of lifestyles and diets. The majority of people involved in the study had one egg per day or less.

The researchers found that eating an egg per day had no impact on blood cholesterol levels. In other words, according to this study, older adults can eat eggs in moderation without harming their heart health.


Health Benefits of Eggs

It turns out that not only do you not have to worry about eggs being bad for your parent, they actually have a number of health benefits. Some of the health benefits of eggs are:

  • Protein: Each egg contains 6 grams of protein. In fact, an egg has all 9 of the essential amino acids that the body cannot make for itself but needs for good health.
  • Nutrients: Per calorie, eggs have more nutrients than many other kinds of food. Some of the nutrients they contain are selenium, phosphorous, choline, vitamin B12, and a variety of antioxidants.
  • Low Calorie: One egg has just 70 calories. The protein they contain makes them filling, which makes them an excellent snack.
  • Low Cost: Eggs typically cost about 20 cents per serving, making them a less expensive source of protein than meat.


If your aging parent enjoys eggs, a senior care provider can prepare eggs for them in moderation. A senior care agency can schedule care for older adults at any time of the day they are needed, including in the morning when a senior care provider can cook a healthy breakfast of eggs and whole-wheat toast. Senior care providers can also make certain there are hard-boiled eggs on hand for easy, healthy snacks.


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