What Could You Do with Respite Care as a Caregiver?

If you’re not sure what exactly you would do with respite time, this list of ideas might help you to plan.


Senior Care in Canton MI: Respite Care Ideas

Senior Care in Canton MI: Respite Care Ideas


Take a Class or Pick up a Hobby

Many times a caregiver will put off taking classes or engaging in hobbies, either new ones or hobbies they’ve loved for years. In the end, it usually comes down to time, energy, or a mix of both that keeps them from activities like this. If that describes your situation, you might want to use respite time as an opportunity to learn something new or to revisit something you’ve always loved.


Spend Time with Other Family Members and Friends

Relationships with other family members and friends can really suffer when you’re a caregiver. As with hobbies, you’re often too tired or don’t have the time to give those relationships the face-to-face time that you want to give them. With respite care opportunities, though, you’re able to spend time with people that you love knowing that your senior is in good hands.


Tackle Projects You’ve Had to Postpone

Everyone has those projects that they want to tackle, whether it’s a decluttering project or you have some DIY stuff you want to tackle. No matter what it is, those types of projects usually require a great deal of time and as a caregiver, you can usually just give little bits of time. With respite care, though, you have bigger chunks of time that you can expand on those projects.


Run Errands that Require More Attention

Although respite time is supposed to be just for you, there are those errands that require a great deal more time and attention on your part. Some of those types of errands are much easier for you to complete when you know your senior is okay at home. Having respite care providers allows you to focus on what you need to do.


Just Relax and Enjoy Time Away

No matter what you use your respite time for, the important thing is that you’re able to relax and enjoy your time away. Many caregivers don’t have a specific plan when they engage in respite. Instead, they let themselves just enjoy whatever comes up for them.

You might do something different every single time that you schedule some respite time for yourself. The thing is, you don’t even have to have a reason to schedule respite care. You can schedule respite care to simply take a nap if that’s what you need right then.


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