Important Facts to Know About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services involve the use of massage, exercise, hot and cold therapy, electrophysiology, and education to restore or improve movements, reduce pain, and assist with other aspects of physical function. By 2031, the need for physical therapists is expected to increase by 17%. Much of this is due to the increased number of adults reaching the age of 65.

Physical Therapy Westland MI - Important Facts to Know About Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Westland MI – Important Facts to Know About Physical Therapy

Your mom had a stroke, fell and broke her hip, or has rheumatoid arthritis. Those are just a few of the reasons physical therapists would work with her.

Here are five things you need to know about physical therapy.

Physical Therapists Have to Have a Doctoral Degree

In the U.S., physical therapists have to hold a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Before this, a bachelor’s degree that includes anatomy, chemistry, and physics and a master’s degree must be completed. The Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is a three-year program.

Physical Therapy Aides Use Evidence-Based Treatments

Physical therapists use science to determine the best course of action to help a patient. They start by reviewing a patient’s file and notes from surgeons, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. They meet with the patient to assess the level of mobility, pain, and other concerns the patient has.

After the physical therapist uses his or her education and training to determine the right course of treatment that leads to the desired outcome. This often includes the use of heat and cold, massage, and electrical stimulation to ease pain and exercises including strength training and stretches to improve balance and mobility.

Physical Therapists Teach Patients How to Use Mobility Aids

There is always the chance that a patient will never regain full mobility and may need a cane, walker, or wheelchair. A physical therapist helps a patient learn how to use those devices to complete daily routines.

The Goal of Physical Therapy Is to Avoid Surgery and Achieve the Highest Level of Mobility

The ultimate goal of physical therapy after an injury or illness is to avoid the need for surgery. It’s not always possible to regain full mobility after a health issue like a stroke, but a patient’s independence does rely on being able to do as much without help as possible.

Physical Therapists Helps With Injuries, Illnesses, and Disabilities

A physical therapist is there to help people heal, ease pain, and rebuild strength and mobility following an injury, illness, or disability. They help people with severe arthritis pain. But, they also help after a hip replacement surgery, while recovering from a stroke, or lower the risk of a fall when someone has dementia.

If your mom would benefit from physical therapy, talk to her doctor. She’ll need the referral. Her doctor will work with a physical therapist to discuss what your mom’s goals are and what it will take to get her there. Talk to her doctor first and then call our physical therapy office to get started.


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