Seniors That Want To Age In Place Need These 4 Things

Ask any senior where they want to grow old and most likely they will say they want to get older right where they are. Research shows that most seniors plan on staying in their homes as they age and they’re taking steps now to make sure that they are physically well enough to continue to live independently as they get older. By starting now seniors will be able to enjoy their homes and an independent lifestyle spending their retirement years pursuing hobbies, making new friends, and spending time with their loved ones. However, there are some challenges that seniors will face living alone as they age. Occupational therapy providers can assist in some of those challenges.

Seniors who are committed to living in their own homes should do these things now to make sure that’s possible:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Canton MI - Seniors That Want To Age In Place Need These 4 Things

Occupational Therapy Canton MI – Seniors That Want To Age In Place Need These 4 Things

Occupational therapy is easy, but it’s essential for seniors who want to be able to do things for themselves in the years to come. Occupational therapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on seniors performing movements and exercises that will help them continue to do things like open cupboards, button up shirts, zip up a jacket, brush their teeth, and other physical tasks that they must be able to do if they want to live in their own homes. Seniors can do occupational therapy at home or they can join a group occupational therapy class at the local senior center or at a gym that caters to the needs of seniors.

Managing Health Conditions

Seniors who have chronic health conditions need to start managing those conditions the best that they can so that they don’t become a problem in the future. For example, seniors who have diabetes who want to live at home in the future should work on getting fit and lowering their blood sugar. Seniors who have their chronic health conditions under control can usually live quite well on their own, but if their health conditions aren’t under control seniors may have a harder time staying independent.

Planning For The Future

Right now the house that your senior parent is living in probably fits their needs perfectly. Will it still be perfect in the future? Seniors need to consider whether or not the house they’re living in now would be a good fit if they were to fall and break a bone or they couldn’t get up and down stairs easily, or how they would manage if they needed a wheelchair. If the house they’re in currently could cause problems in the future seniors may need to look for a new house that is more senior-friendly or renovate their existing home to make it better suited to their future needs.

Building A Support Network

Seniors who are going to live alone need a strong support network around them. That could mean having family nearby who can come help out whenever your senior parent needs something. Or it could mean building good relationships with neighbors so that your senior parent has people close to them that they can trust to help them if they need it.

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