How To Relieve Arthritis Pain

According to the CDC, over half of individuals aged 65 and older (49.6 percent) have arthritis. Meanwhile, up to 25% of individuals with the illness claim it gives them “serious discomfort.” Caring for someone who suffers from  unbearable pain may be difficult. However, there are several things caretakers may do to help their elderly loved ones.


Of course you want to help your mom or dad live comfortably at home, but when pain becomes too bad or too much for them to handle, they will need a doctor. Luckily, there are tons of home health care services which will allow doctors to come to the seniors houses for checkups. Home health care may even include a physical therapist who can help a senior learn to move around and battle the arthritis inflammation through movement and exercise. Here are some more things you can do to help your senior battle pain and inflammation from arthritis. 

Help Heat Your Senior Up

Home Health Care Livonia, MI: Arthritis Pain

Home Health Care Livonia, MI: Arthritis Pain

Heat not only soothes hurting joints, but it also increases circulation and reduces nerve spasms. Make sure your elderly loved one is warm by adding layers to susceptible places like the legs. Warm baths, heating pads, air-activated wraps and patches, and blankets may also provide relief. If you want to splurge on your mom or dad you can also invest in a heated blanket. 

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle Through Exercise

Typically, during winter months a senior is likely to have increased pain due to the cold and they may stop moving around. Right now spring is upon us and it is time to encourage your senior to get out and move around. Just a few minutes every day will help a senior reduce pain from arthritis. 

Always Communicate With a Healthcare Team

Often a senior will need multiple healthcare professionals to help them age in place with less risk. When a senior stops talking to their doctor it can be dangerous and lead to more pain than usual. If your senior parent is forgetting things during their appointments or not remembering directions from their doctor, you may need to start attending those appointments. 

Getting a Massage

Now, not all places will offer the kind of massages a senior needs. Going to a doctor or physical therapist that offers massages will be the best way to ensure your senior stays safe. This may not be relaxing like a spa, but it will help a senior manage the pain they are feeling. 

Get Extra Help

There are tons of home health care services and you will want to figure out what exactly your senior needs to remain at home. Hiring someone to do the lawn may help them limit the amount of stress their body is in or hiring someone to deliver their groceries. You will need to sit down with your senior to figure out what kind of help they need. 

Promote a Good Diet

Not all seniors know how important diet is. However, the truth is a seniors diet can impact how inflamed their bodies become throughout the day. If they are eating tons of high-sugar packaged foods, it may leave them feeling worse than a fresh salad would.

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Kevin Sharples, Owner