How to Best Handle Behavior Problems Caused by Dementia

Unfortunately, dementia can cause many problems in a person’s life. When thinking about dementia, most people just think about how a loved one is losing their memory. There are more issues that are caused by dementia than just memory loss. Most people who have dementia will display behavior issues.

Does your elderly loved one have behavior problems related to dementia? If so, you and in-home care providers can team together to handle these issues.

Adjusting to Changes

In-Home Care Novi, MI: Behavior and Dementia

One of the many reasons why dementia patients often have behavior issues is because they are adjusting to many changes. They are losing their memory, independence, energy, confidence, and much more. Their entire lifestyle is changing and they can’t do anything about it. When the disease takes over their brain, they can’t stop it. The changes that occur affect how your elderly loved one’s brain cells function or don’t function. It can be difficult to adjust to these changes. This is just one reason why many dementia patients get angry and have outbursts. If this is happening for your elderly loved one and you are having trouble handling it, don’t worry. You can get in-home care providers to help with these behaviors.

Needing Needs Met Immediately

Dementia affects the brain in numerous ways. One of the things that is affected is the ability to wait to get their needs met. Your elderly loved one will no longer have much patience. When they have a need such as hunger that should be met, they need to have it met immediately. The problem is that their communication is also impaired due to dementia. This means that your elderly loved one may not be able to tell you or their senior care providers what needs they have that aren’t being met. This can cause them to become aggressive, start screaming, or have other outbursts.

Finding the Root Cause

You can’t argue with someone who has dementia. They don’t understand how what is happening and can’t properly tell you want is wrong. If you want to handle your elderly loved one’s behavior problems, it is important to find the root cause. Once you do that, you will have a better chance of finding a solution that stops or reduces your elderly loved one’s behavior issues.


There are many issues that people with dementia have. In addition to memory loss, they often have behavior problems. If your elderly loved one is experiencing behavior issues, you and in-home care providers can help them. If you use the tips above, you can reduce and even prevent some of their behavior problems.

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