How Do You Stop Scammers When Your Mom Lives Alone?

Around 4.7 million fraud complaints were filed with the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network during 2020. Over the age of 70, lost the most money in scams ranging from government imposters to the grandparent scam.

Your mom lives alone. No matter how hard you try to get her to stop answering the phone, she just can’t ignore the ringing phone. You worry about her being scammed, so what do you do?

Talk to Her About Not Answering the Phone

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Ideally, if your mom doesn’t answer her phone, she won’t get scammed. She should learn how to use caller ID to identify the caller before answering.

Make sure she knows that even if she recognizes the number, a scammer could be using software for spoofing numbers. This means the number the scammer is calling from appears as a local number that your mom may recognize. She needs to be ready to hang up.

Write Out a Checklist for Answering Calls

Your mom may insist on answering the phone, even if she doesn’t recognize the number. Have a checklist of things not to say or do when talking on the phone. Make sure it includes reminders about not giving out personal details, calling family members to verify that a grandchild isn’t in trouble, and knowing that police, the FBI, and the DMV would never call to tell you they’re coming to arrest you.

Set Up Call Blockers

Talk to your mom’s phone provider about call blockers. When a suspected scam call comes in, the call is automatically blocked. You can also set up filters to block unlisted callers.

Use Email Spam Filters

Spam emails are another issue your mom may have to contend with. If she uses email, she needs to know to never open an email from someone she doesn’t know. Even if it is someone she knows, she should never open any links or attachments.

Arrange Companion Care

Do you want to know one of the best ways to stop scammers? Keep your mom active and engaged with others. If she’s social, she’s less likely to want to talk to a stranger on the phone. Companion care allows your mom to socialize even if she can’t leave her home.

In-home care aides stop by to visit your mom. They can play games, watch movies, or go out on scenic drives. Caregivers can take your mom shopping or help her run errands. Call an agency and ask about pricing and services available with in-home care.

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