People think of dehydration as a concern in the summer. Temperatures increase so you sweat more. That loss of moisture can lead to dehydration if a person isn’t drinking enough water. Dehydration is also a risk in the drier winter air.


Home Health Care in Dearborn Heights MI: Senior Hydration

Home Health Care in Dearborn Heights MI: Senior Hydration



When it’s cooler out, your mom may not feel as thirsty. As they’re not feeling thirsty, they don’t think about having another glass of water. While the body may not be sweating as much, the dry air in a home or outside doesn’t have the moisture that your skin is exposed to. That’s why people find their skin tends to be dry and need moisturizing more in the winter.


How Much Water is Appropriate?

The average person needs around 100 ounces of water each day. That breaks down to about three-quarters of a gallon. It may be slightly more or less depending on your activity levels. If your mom takes fitness classes, she’s sweating more than others, so she needs to increase her intake. If she has a hard time getting around and sits for most of the day, she may not need the full 100 ounces.

In addition, the foods she eats provide some of that water. If she eats a cup of watermelon cubes, she’s ingested about 5 ounces of water. A small poached cod fillet has just over 4.7 ounces of water. That will reduce the amount of water she needs to drink.


Dangers of Too Little Water

Dehydration can make your mom feel weak and dizzy. Blood pressure may decline. The heart may beat faster or become irregular. Her risk of a fall may increase. It can cause confusion. It can lead to her needing to have IV fluids in the hospital.


How Do You Make Sure Your Mom Drinks Enough Water?

The easiest way to make sure your mom drinks enough water is by investing in a hydration bottle. Fill that bottle each morning. It has specific measurement lines that correspond to the time of day. If it’s 5 p.m. and she’s still at the noon mark, she’s not remaining hydrated appropriately.

Some of these cups have flashing lights or beepers that go off as a reminder it’s time to drink more. This may work well for your mom if she simply needs the reminder that it’s time to sip some more water.

Talk to the decision-makers in your family about home care services. Caregivers can help your mom stay to a schedule when it comes to eating and drinking enough. Arranging home care is easy. Call a representative, discuss your mom’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to living independently, and choose the best services.


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