Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Have Covid-19

Have you been keeping up on the news with COVID-19? If not, you may have missed how to spot the signs of someone having the coronavirus. First, it is important to know that hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States have contracted the coronavirus. Many of them have recovered. However, it is still important to watch out for the signs of COVID-19 in your elderly loved one.

Home Care Services in Farmington Hill MI: COVID-19 Signs

Home Care Services in Farmington Hill MI: COVID-19 Signs



According to WHO, a cough is one of the main symptoms of the coronavirus. While most of the coronavirus cases cause a dry cough, that doesn’t mean that someone with a wet cough doesn’t have the coronavirus. It is really a case-by-case determination. If your elderly loved one has a cough, there are some other signs that you should look out for to determine whether they need to be checked for the coronavirus.



If your elderly loved one has a dry or wet cough, along with a fever, this could be a sign that they have the coronavirus. However, there are other illnesses that can cause a cough and fever, as well. It is important to have your elderly loved one practice social distancing if they do have a cold and fever, to protect others from getting sick. Whether they have the coronavirus or not, social distancing can help to prevent the spread of any illness.


Shortness of Breath

Does your elderly loved one also have shortness of breath? This is one of the main symptoms that determine whether someone should be tested for coronavirus. If your elderly loved one has a cough, fever, and shortness of breath, they may need emergency medical care. With this being said, if the shortness of breath isn’t consistent, they may be told to watch and wait at home. It may depend on where they live and the severity of their symptoms.



Pneumonia happens in some cases of the coronavirus, as well. Some of the symptoms of pneumonia include fever, trouble breathing, chills, and a cough. If it seems like your elderly loved one has pneumonia, it could have been caused by the coronavirus. They should get thoroughly checked out by their doctor. However, you or their elder care provider should contact their doctor first to see if they should come in for an appointment or head to a local coronavirus testing center.


These are some of the signs that your elderly loved one may have COVID-19. If you notice these in your elderly loved one, be sure to talk to their doctor. The doctor can determine whether they should get tested for the coronavirus.


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