Medical Appointment Tips for Elders with Alzheimer’s

When a parent who has Alzheimer’s has a medical appointment it can be tough to manage getting them to the appointment on time, getting through the appointment, and getting them safely home. Many medical providers now offer telemedicine or video appointments for people who have a difficult time getting to a medical office. You may want to check with your senior parent’s provider to see if they offer a telemedicine or video visit option. If you are taking a senior parent who has Alzheimer’s to a medical visit you may also want to have a home care provider for them. With home care, you will have the support you need to make sure your senior parent is safe while you drive, check them in, and do administrative tasks.

You can also use these tips from other caregivers and professional home care providers to help you get a senior parent with Alzheimer’s through a medical appointment:

Home Care Southfield MI - Medical Appointment Tips for Elders with Alzheimer's

Home Care Southfield MI – Medical Appointment Tips for Elders with Alzheimer’s

Be Prepared

Before the appointment, gather all necessary documents and information. Make sure you have their insurance card, medical history, a list of current medications, and any specific questions or concerns you’d like to address during the appointment. You should also make sure that you have snacks, water, and something to keep your senior parent busy like a fidget toy or fidget mat.

Schedule The Appointment Carefully

Schedule the appointment at a time when the senior tends to be most alert and comfortable. Mornings are often a good choice before fatigue or agitation sets in. Many people also find it easier to navigate traffic and other distractions earlier in the day.

Arrange Comfortable Transportation

If your vehicle isn’t something that your senior parent can easily get in and out of consider borrowing or renting another car for the day. Make sure the vehicle is safe and has child locks so that you can lock the doors and not worry about your senior parent opening the door and trying to get out. Also, get some CDs that your senior parent likes or create a playlist for them on your phone so that the music can help keep them amused while you’re driving.

Explain Where You’re Taking Them

Before the appointment, explain to the senior what it’s for, using simple and reassuring language. Offer reassurance and let them know you’ll be there to support them. Tell them throughout the drive where you are going and why.

Snacks and Water

Have some snacks and water available, as the appointment may involve waiting. It’s essential to keep the senior hydrated and nourished.

Avoid Rushing

Allow plenty of time to get to the appointment, as rushing can cause stress and confusion. It’s best to arrive early to provide a buffer for any delays.

Bring Something To Keep Your Senior Parent Busy

Bring along items to keep the senior distracted during the wait. Books, puzzles, or a tablet with their favorite apps can help pass the time and keep them engaged. A fidget toy, activity muff, or fidget blanket are also good ideas.

Be An Advocate and Take Notes

Be an advocate for the senior during the appointment. Ensure that the healthcare provider speaks clearly and directly to the senior and that they understand what’s being discussed. Keep a notebook or digital device handy to take notes on the doctor’s instructions and recommendations. This will help ensure that you follow up on any instructions or prescriptions correctly.

Speak with the Healthcare Provider

After the appointment, if you have concerns or questions, ask to speak with the healthcare provider privately to discuss sensitive topics or clarify any instructions.

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