Why Employee Referrals can be the most important source of hiring.

Let’s face it, finding the right candidate can be tough even in the best of circumstances and it’s often more difficult for small businesses with limited budgets. Having a solid Employee Referral Program can be a company’s best friend and here’s why:


Home Care in Livonia MI: Employee Referrals

Home Care in Livonia MI: Employee Referrals


1. Your employees know your business and are your best form of advertisement (at least they should be!).
Loyal employees sell the business and share information such as company culture, work environment, detailed job requirements, performance expectations, and much more. Basically, if a referral takes that next step and applies for a position with your company, you can almost bet they are truly interested in the opportunity. No more blindly interviewing folks who fail to read a job posting and have zero clues what the position entails.


2. Another bonus, your employee has essentially handled the first step in the recruiting process – the pre-screening.
Chances are your employees will not refer someone they believe to be subpar; rather, they are referring candidates they feel confident would be a good fit. And we all know when you save time, you save money!


3. You build an instant connection and feeling of trust with the candidate.
You already have something or in this case someone in common. That is a great conversation starter and will help the interview flow more naturally. When candidates are relaxed, you get a better assessment of who they are and it’s important to get to know candidates beyond their résumé.


4. Last but certainly not least, your referral program can be lucrative for your current employees.
A way to earn a little extra cash and be an active participant in the overall growth of the company. In addition to offering a referral bonus for each successful hire, you could offer a special year-end bonus for the employee who had the most referrals. What a great, cost-effective way to grow your Employee Referral Program all while reducing your cost-per-hire.
The bottom line – if your company doesn’t currently offer a referral program and you struggle with finding good candidates, consider implementing one right away. The great thing is you can also customize the program to fit the needs of your company.


No Place Like Home Health utilizes an Employee Referral Program that helps ensure that our clients get the best caregiving staff. Each and everyone that comes on board instills our company culture and values of: Compassion, Resolve, and Trust. If you are looking for a home care agency, look no further. Let No Place Like Home Health show you why we have the best care team to care for your loved ones. And it all starts with our employees!


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