Vilija Idzelis-Wlosinski

Vilija Idzelis-Wlosinski

Vilija Idzelis-Wlosinski is a Program Coordinator with more than 10 years of experience in the health care field, developing and executing educational workshops regarding chronic disease self-management and evidence-based disease prevention. She is an innovative health and wellness professional with an exemplary career history in assembling, training, and leading volunteer teams to conduct effective program sessions and teach methods in managing chronic health problems.

Vilija continues to pursue her passion and interest in Evidence Based Disease Programming. Her compassion, creativity and strong work ethic helps her build relationships with families and healthcare professionals and providing them educational choices and options for choosing the best healthcare plan for each client she services.

Vilija is a member of the Chronic Awareness Coalition Board and has served in the past on the Dearborn Heights Disability Commission to help educate the city residents on resources and options for the disabled. Her work and experience in the nonprofit sector has given her a deep appreciation for how profit and nonprofit sectors seek to improve the quality of life through their program in the region.

Vilija graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s Degree in Science specializing in Health and Human Services. Vilija is fluent in English, Spanish and Lithuanian Languages and she enjoys studying different cultures and traditions through travel and experiences. Finding the balance in life, Vilija has learned through her experience that it is very important to manage your priorities, reduce stress and thus it improves your quality of life and longevity.


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