Geriatric Massage: Could it Be What Your Elderly Loved One Needs?

Is your elderly loved one struggling with circulation issues? What about chronic pain, joint inflammation, or mental health issues? All of these things can be such as a challenge for your elderly loved one in their day-to-day life. However, did you know that geriatric massage could help with every one of these health issues.

Better Circulation

Companion Care at Home Canton, MI: Geriatric Massage

Research shows that geriatric massage can help to improve circulation in the body. If your elderly loved one has poor circulation, you or a companion care at home provider may want to ask their doctor if regular massages would be beneficial for them. Many senior citizens have found that massages have improved their blood flow and circulation. Even if it doesn’t help your elderly loved one with this as much as they would like, there are numerous other benefits to getting geriatric massages, as well.

More Joint Flexibility and Less Pain

Does your elderly loved one struggle with painful or inflamed joints? Do they have chronic neck or back pain? If they are dealing with either or both of these things, geriatric massages should help to relieve their discomfort and/or pain. It may not take away the pain completely. However, studies show that senior citizens who are on a strict massage schedule feel a significant reduction in their pain and discomfort. In addition, they find that after a massage they are able to move around much easier, too.

Better Mental Health

Is your elderly loved one struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression? Are they experiencing sleep issues as a result of the struggles they are facing in life? If so, you may want to recommend they try getting regular geriatric massages. Research shows that massages can help relax the body. Not only that, but when someone gets a massage, it releases positive natural chemicals into the brain that can increase happiness and reduce negative feelings such as anxiety.


Is your elderly loved one experiencing any of the issues noted above? If so, you or a companion care at home provider can drive them to regular geriatric massage appointments. Some senior citizens receive benefits from the very first massage. Other benefits may take longer to come about. However, if your elderly loved one sticks with the massage schedule, they should start feeling better soon. If you aren’t sure whether massages are safe for your elderly loved one, you can first start by taking them to their doctor. If their primary care doctor or other doctors give the okay, you can start scheduling these massages for your elderly loved one.

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