Four Ways Home Health Care Helps Your Dad After Surgery

The older you are, the more risk you face at getting certain chronic health conditions. With some of those diseases and conditions, surgeries are the best way to improve your health. Some of the most common surgeries in men include:

  • Bypass surgery – A surgery that uses a section of vein to bypass a blockage in the coronary artery.
  • Carotid endarterectomy – Surgical removal of blockages from the carotid arteries to improve blood flow to the

    Home Health Care in Novi, MI: Help After Surgery


  • Cataract surgery – Surgical replacement of the cloudy lens with a new, clear implant to restore vision.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy – Surgical removal of hemorrhoids from the anus or lower rectum.
  • Hip or knee replacement – Surgical replacement of the knee or hip joint when arthritis severely impacts mobility.
  • Partial Colectomy – Surgical removal of a section of the large intestine to remove colon cancer or inflammation.
  • Prostatectomy – Surgical removal of some or all of a prostate gland when cancer or enlargement is an issue.

One of these surgeries may be recommended when your dad sees his doctor for his annual physical and finds something is wrong. He may seek relief from joint pain or other forms of discomfort.

He’s stressed and uncertain about how he’ll manage to care for himself after surgery. Join your dad at his next consultation and ask about these four benefits of home health care services during his post-surgery recovery.

#1 – Enjoy a Shorter Hospital Stay

After the surgery, your dad may want to go home. Not every surgery has your dad back on his feet within a few hours. He’ll be sore, tired, and struggling to move around while he’s healing. With nurses, doctors, and other patients moving around and making noise, it’s hard to rest. At home, he’ll have a comfortable setting for his recovery.

#2 – Get Expert Care

At home, your dad needs help with post-surgical instructions like bandage changes and wound cleaning. If you’re not experienced in it, how do you know if the wound shows early signs of infection? A skilled nurse is familiar with the healing process and will quickly determine if something isn’t right.

#3 – Avoid Extra Trips to Medical Offices

Surgeries like a hip or knee replacement take time to heal. Part of the healing process involves regular visits with a physical therapist. Getting your dad up and down the stairs in his home, into and out of the car, and into and out of the physical therapist’s office is demanding. Why not have the physical therapist come to your dad?

#4 – Help With Injectable and IV Medications

If your dad is on pain medications or antibiotics administered through an injection or IV, you won’t be able to do that. You also won’t want to have to drive him to his doctor’s office each time he needs an injection or new IV line. You need to have a nurse come to his home to administer them.

Once the doctor tells you that home health care is a good idea, make a call. The home health care representative will walk you through the steps involved in scheduling nurses for home visits.

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