Fall Is a Good Time to Discuss Your Parents’ Healthcare Needs

Before winter arrives, it’s an excellent time to address your parents’ health and virus prevention. Fall is the right time for flu shots, and your parents may be due a COVID-19 booster shot. What else should you be discussing with them?

Flu and Cold Prevention

In-Home Care Novi, MI: Healthcare Needs

Your parents should get the flu shot, but they also need to take precautions to avoid contracting a cold or the flu. If they have grandchildren, they need to limit exposure if the children are sick.

When shopping, they should carry hand sanitizer and use it after touching door handles or keypads at the register. Make sure they know to wipe down the cart with a disinfectant wipe.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Healthy foods are good at helping the immune system. Your parents should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to maximize their intake of antioxidants. They need to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Doctors recommend the Mediterranean diet as it is high in vegetables and whole grains. It avoids added sugar and saturated fat. This is a good meal plan to try if you’re struggling with nutritious meal ideas for your parents.

Stay Hydrated

Your parents need to stay hydrated. It helps the body flush out germs and makes mucus more liquid to help the body get rid of viruses and bacteria. If your parents don’t like to drink water, offer herbal and decaf teas instead.

Schedule Appointments Before the Snow Flies

When possible, arrange routine medical appointments before the months when snow and ice are more likely to become a problem. In northern regions, snow often starts falling in November and is heaviest from December to March.

If you plan appointments outside of those months, you’re less likely to have to cancel and reschedule due to a storm. There are no guarantees that a storm won’t hit earlier or later, but the odds are lower.

Stay Home If You’re Sick

If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t help your parents. Hire caregivers to help them until you’re well. In home care is one way to make sure they have the help they need.

Hire caregivers to assist your parents with more challenging daily routines. They have the help they need, and you have peace of mind that they’re never alone or struggling while you’re away.

To arrange in home care, start by calling an agency. Talk to the specialist about prices and available services. Once you’ve narrowed down the best care plan, schedule days and times for in home care services.

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