A Handy Guide to Help Your Parents Battle Scams

Even with media spreading the word of scammers and their tactics, scams are still increasing. Between 2017 and 2018, the number of people who fell for a scam increased by more than 100,000. Identity theft and online fraud were two of the areas to see the biggest increases.


Elder Care in Northville MI: Senior Scams

Elder Care in Northville MI: Senior Scams


Help your mom and dad learn the best ways to avoid scams. If they are taken by a scam, they need to know what to do next. Here’s a handy guide to help them battle scams.


Stop Answering the Phone

It’s hard but don’t answer the phone. Legitimate callers leave messages. The more a scammer calls and gets no answer, the sooner that number gets noted as being inactive. It will reduce the number of scam calls.


Don’t Talk and Hang Up

If your parents do answer the phone, they don’t have to talk. Once they’ve said “hello,” they do not have to say another word to the scammer. As soon as they realize the caller is unknown to them, hang up. Don’t answer the phone again.

They should take the number that called them and add it to their call-blocking software. They should also report it to donotcall.gov if they’re on the Do Not Call Registry. If they’re not, add their phone number.


Know the Common Signs of a Scam

There’s one tactic all scammers use. They’re pushy. They may be kind, but they also need your parent to do what their script tells them. As quickly as they can, they want to convince your parent to share a Social Security Number, bank or credit card information, or gift card number. When there is incredible pressure to act now or something bad will happen, it’s a scam.


Never Be Ashamed

If your parent does fall for a scam, don’t let pride or embarrassment keep your mom or dad from reporting it. Talk to the local police and file a complaint with the FTC at FTC.gov/complaint. The only way for authorities to gather evidence and investigate these crimes.


Prevent Loneliness and Isolation

Scammers often use an older adult’s loneliness to their advantage. They are warm and friendly, which is exactly what the target desires. This builds a level of trust that helps the scammer achieve his or her goal. Being social with others in the community prevents this desire to talk to a stranger.


Your mom and dad don’t have to be lonely. Hire home care services to help around the home and to provide companionship. Caregivers are there to talk to. Your parents no longer need to rely on a conversation with a stranger over the phone when home care services are part of their lives.

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