What Adaptive Devices, are Available for a Senior with Parkinson’s Disease to Help with Mealtime?

Home Health Care in Farmington Hills MI: Adaptive Devices For Parkinson's

Home Health Care in Farmington Hills MI: When living with Parkinson’s disease, your aging parent will experience challenges and difficulties in completing basic daily tasks. This does not mean that they are struggling with cognitive deficiencies or that they are no longer able to manage any of their needs on their own.

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Caregiver Burnout and Dementia Care

Elder Care in Westland MI: Caregiver Burnout

Elder Care in Westland MI: When taking care of aging parents, family caregivers can experience a lot of frustration and stress. This is compounded when the parent is suffering from dementia in addition to the physical challenges of old age.

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Talking to Your Parent About No Longer Driving

Elderly Care in Canton MI: Senior Driving Talk

Elderly Care in Canton MI: The thought of losing independence is frightening for anyone. The thought that you can no longer do the things that you need and want to do on your own and without the assistance of someone else can make you feel isolated, depressed, anxious, and as though you have lost control over your life.

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