Does Your Loved One Have to Exercise Like Someone Half Her Age?

One reason that your senior family member might avoid exercising is that she might equate that idea with the type of exercise that someone far younger might do.

But she doesn’t have to do that to get the biggest benefits now and in the future.


Caregiver in Redford MI: Exercise for seniors

Caregiver in Redford MI: Exercise for seniors


Always Start at the Doctor

Any time that you’re considering a new exercise plan with your aging adult, it’s a good idea to start at the doctor’s office. Your senior’s doctor can help her to determine what types of exercise are right for her current health level. Her doctor can also give the guidelines that help her to get enough exercise without overdoing it. This is essential so that she can get the movement she needs without exacerbating any existing health issues.


Move in Ways that Feel Good

When your aging family member is ready to get moving, it’s important to remember that she should move in ways that feel good to her. If your elderly family member is experiencing pain or discomfort that exercise may not be right for her. Injuries or other issues also need to be brought to her doctor’s attention as soon as possible.


Physical Activity Helps Breed More Physical Activity

If you can help your senior get started, she may find that it gets a little easier every day to keep up with her new activity level. The more active your senior is able to become, the more energy she’ll have and the better she’ll be able to sleep. All of this adds up to a better overall quality of life without having to become a bodybuilder or run a marathon.


It Can Also Help with Other Issues

Even small amounts of exercise can help your senior to build up her strength and to combat health problems that she needs to get under control. Working with a physical trainer or attending a fitness class at a gym can help her to get the right level of activity in without doing too much. Once your senior has a set of goals that she can work toward, she can put a plan together that works for her.

Make exercise as easy as possible for your elderly family member. If she has trouble driving, hire senior care providers to help her get to her fitness class on time. Whatever adjustments you can make help your senior understand how important exercise is to her overall health.

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