Caregiver in Livonia MI

Caregivers in Livonia MI: Does she need help with keeping her meals healthy?

Being a caregiver eventually means that you’re going to be in charge of much of your elderly family member’s meal choices. Sometimes that means guessing about what is causing trouble for your aging adult at meals so that you can correct the issue.

Offer Favorites as Well as Healthy Options

You want your elderly family member to eat healthy foods, of course, but if she’s not eating at all, you may need to reframe your thinking. You can still offer healthy options, but don’t overlook the power of old favorites, too. Having food available that your elderly family member truly enjoys can help her to get the calories as well as the nutrition that she needs.

Consider Trying Softer Foods

If your elderly family member is suddenly not eating much at all, it’s possible that she’s having difficulty chewing or swallowing. Definitely talk with her doctor about potential causes, but consider adding softer foods into her menu to see if they are more appealing.

Leave Plenty of Time for Meals

No one enjoys rushing through their meals and this is especially true for your elderly family member. Make sure that you’re leaving her plenty of time to linger over her meal if that is what she wants to do. If you have an appointment or some other timed event, do what you can to pad in as much extra time as possible.

Switch up Portion Sizes

For some aging family members an entire plate of food is really intimidating. If that’s starting to be the case for your senior, switch up the portion sizes. You might want to start putting smaller portions into a smaller dish and then offer meals and snacks more often.

Talk to Her Doctor

When you’re noticing changes in your aging family member’s eating habits, make sure to address them with her doctor. These changes may be normal or they could be an indication that there is more going on. It never hurts to have a deeper look at the situation just to be sure.

Keeping your elderly family member fed doesn’t have to be a battle for both of you. Use the tools that you have to find the right combination for your aging adult.

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