It’s Time to Talk Gardening for Seniors

Gardening for Seniors

One of the best hobbies out there is gardening for seniors. Not only is it relaxing, but it’s also beneficial as the produce they gain saves money at the grocery store.

Studies find that gardening for at least four hours a week may lower the severity of cardiovascular events. Plus, it reduces the risk of depression, diabetes, and heart disease. Your parents may become more social with their neighbors when they’re outside each day.

It’s an excellent time to talk about gardening plans for the summer. Here’s what you should ask your mom and dad.

How Big a Garden Do They Want?

Elder Care in Novi, MI: Gardening for Seniors

Elder Care in Novi, MI: Gardening for Seniors

How much of a garden are your parents willing to maintain? Raised beds are easier to handle as you don’t have to bend over as much. Plus, an elevated garden helps keep plants away from rabbits and other animal pests and is much easier for weed control.

To decide how much space they need, you should talk about the plants they want to grow. Your mom loves zucchini and squashes, which means she needs a lot of space. Your dad wants to grow tomatoes and spinach. They don’t require as much space.

Some plants don’t do well in raised beds. If your parents want carrots, potatoes, and other root crops, they’ll need deep planter pots or a bed that extends into the ground.

Once you know what they want to grow, quickly calculate how much space those fully-grown plants need. Make sure the beds are large enough to support everything without overcrowding.

How Much Work Can They Handle?

Are your parents good at growing vegetables from seeds? If they have difficulty with that, they’ll benefit from seedlings. If they love starting from vegetable seeds, they need shelf space for trays, potting soil, and garden supplies.

Can they turn the soil on their own, or should you or another family member get the garden beds set up? If your parents have limited mobility and use a cane to get around, a garden cart with a seat is a solid investment, as are raised beds.

As the vegetables reach maturity, can your parents carry armfuls of produce? If they need a box or bowl for transportation, can they handle that without tripping on stairs? Would it be better to have someone around on days they plan to work in their garden?

Would They Benefit From Having Someone Around?

How do you make sure your parents stay active through the summer without risking their safety? If you worry about them falling in their gardens, there are a few things you can do. One of the best is to hire elder care aides.

Elder care aides regularly visit to help with housework. They also are happy to join your parents outside. They can help your mom and dad harvest produce, carry gardening tools, and help your parents put things away after. Call an elder care agency to learn more.

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